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Breaking Down the Most Iconic Karim Benzema Haircuts



Karim Benzema is a name synonymous with style, flair, and footballing excellence. 

The French striker has been making waves on the football pitch for over a decade, mesmerizing fans with his silky skills, pinpoint accuracy, and lightning-quick reflexes. 

However, it’s not just his footballing skills that have earned him a legion of fans – it’s also his impeccable sense of style and his ever-changing hairstyles that have captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts and football fans alike. 

From his iconic buzz cut to his trendy undercuts and slick pompadours, Karim Benzema has never shied away from experimenting with his look, and his hairstyles have become the subject of much admiration and discussion.

Top 10 Karim Benzema Hairstyles

Karim Benzema knows how to keep his look simple yet attention grabbing with small details and styling techniques. Here are some of the most iconic Karim Benzema Hairstyles throughout his career: 

1. Karim Benzema Hairstyle 2022


Karim Benzema sported neat and slicked-back hairstyles in the latter part of 2022, focusing mainly on his facial hair. 

The hairstyle features a short buzz cut on the sides with a longer, slicked-back top. The hair on top is styled using a pomade or wax to create a glossy finish and a defined parting. 

The overall look is a modern take on a classic style with a sharp and polished appearance.

2. Karim Benzema Long Hairs

The iconic French footballer didn’t shy away from experimenting with different hair lengths. However, he never went too far with the idea. 

This hairstyle is a classic slicked-back undercut, characterized by the short sides and back with longer hair on top. 

It is a versatile hairstyle and can be adapted to suit different face shapes and hair types, making it a popular choice for men who want a timeless, sophisticated look.

3. Karim Benzema Fashionable Beard Look


Benzema’s hairstyles are not only simple but also ensure they don’t take away the attention from his iconic beard. 

This hairstyle features a high side fade with a short top slicked back to perfection. The simplicity of this hairstyle keeps all the focus on the star’s neat and groomed beard.

You can define your features and create a professional appearance by styling your hair and beard this way. 

4. Benzema Short Crop


All the trendy men out there can take a cue from the French striker’s iconic neat short crop. 

This hairstyle features short, faded sides with a textured top swept back to the side. The top is left longer at the front to create a disconnected fringe. 

It is a modern, versatile, and edgy style, allowing for easy styling for both casual and formal occasions. Not only that, it suits most face shapes because of its simplicity. 

5. Karim Benzema Casual Look


The iconic goal scorer opts for simple hairstyles that are easy to maintain during rigorous training routines. 

This hairstyle features a short, buzzed cut on the sides and back, with slightly longer hair on top styled into a messy, textured quiff. The top is combed back to the side with a tousled, natural finish. 

A low-maintenance and versatile haircut like this is ideal for men with busy routines. 

6. Benzema’s Most Relaxed Undercut Hairstyle

A bold yet relaxed undercut displays Karim Benzema’s strong and confident personality.

This unique hairstyle features a textured quiff with faded sides. The undercut is styled into a triangular shape at the back of the head, giving it an edgy appeal. 

The top is styled with a messy, natural finish, while the sides are shaved with a gradual fade. It is suitable for men with thick, textured hair who want a bold look without putting in too much effort. 

7. Casual and Tad 


The acclaimed striker has a casual yet elegant persona, and his hairstyles define this aesthetic perfectly. 

This casual hairstyle features a low fade cut on the sides and back, while the top is styled with a messy, textured look. The hair on top is about 1-2 inches long and is styled with a slight fringe at the front. 

It is a popular choice for men looking for a stylish yet low-maintenance look.

8. Benzema Professional Look

Benzema knows how to strike a perfect balance between an athletic and professional look. 

With a deep side fade and long hair on the top, this hairstyle gives a neat and professional appearance. The top is styled into a triangular shape to maintain the athletic edge of the striker. 

This hairstyle is popular among young adults and teenagers who love bold looks but like to keep their appearance school- and work-friendly. 

9. Model Gaze

This hairstyle is a great example of how Benzema experiments with his look while maintaining a trendy and stylish appearance.

It features a short, faded undercut and a messy, textured top. The hair is styled with a natural-looking matte finish and swept to the front, giving it a laid-back and effortless vibe.

10. Bald Days 


Karim Benzema opted for a drastic hairstyle transformation to change his look in the media. Yes, he showed up with a shaved head that turned many heads. 

This clean and sharp look exudes confidence and masculinity while also accentuating his chiseled facial features. 

Not only did he go bald, but he also shaved his beard off as a bold move. This look is ideal for men who prefer a low-maintenance lifestyle. 


  • How to maintain Karim Benzema’s haircut?

Karim Benzema’s haircut is a popular style among men that can be maintained through simple steps. It is important to keep the sides and back of your hair trimmed short regularly. It can be done every 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

To style the longer hair on top of the head, use a styling product like wax or pomade. Apply a small amount to your hair, and use your fingers to style it in the desired direction. 

  • Who can get Karim Benzema’s haircut?

Karim Benzema’s haircut is a versatile style that can suit a variety of face shapes and hair types. However, it is best suited for men with thick and straight hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, achieving this style may require more styling effort and additional hair products. 

  • Why is Karim Benzema undercut the coolest of all?

Many people consider Karim Benzema’s undercut cool because of its modern and versatile appeal. It can be customized to suit different face shapes and personal styles. The short buzz cut on the sides and back creates a clean and sharp look, while the longer hair on top can be styled in various ways, such as slicked back, textured, or with a side part.


Karim Benzema’s ever-changing hairstyles have made him a fashion icon in the footballing world. With each hairstyle, Benzema has demonstrated his uniqueness, both on and off the pitch. 

His hairstyles have become an integral part of his persona and have garnered attention from football and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. 

Umaima Mehtab is renowned fashion blogger and an avid freelance writer specializing in fashion and lifestyle topics.


Celebrity haircuts

Timothee Chalamet Haircut: 14 Looks That Will Steal Your Heart



Timothée Chalamet gained widespread recognition for his performances in various films.

His breakthrough came with his role in the 2017 film “Call Me by Your Name,” directed by Luca Guadagnino.

His portrayal of Elio Perlman earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, making him one of the youngest actors to receive such recognition.

Following “Call Me by Your Name,” Chalamet continued to build on his success with roles in films such as “Lady Bird” (2017) and “Beautiful Boy” (2018), where he played a young man struggling with drug addiction.

Timothee Chalamet is known for his natural acting skills but most importantly, his unique hairstyles are the talk of town.

Let’s see what’s unique about his hair and why everybody is talking about them

1. Timothee’s Iconic Messy Waves

Image source
Timothee’s Messy Waves were that cool, just-got-out-of-bed look. It’s like he effortlessly rolled with the laid-back vibes, making messy look stylish and easy.

2. The Classic Curls

Image source
Classic Curls gave Timothee that timeless, elegant charm. His natural curls framed his face with simple beauty, showing off a relaxed and classy vibe.

3. Red Carpet Radiance

Image source
Timothée’s red carpet look is a true style win. His hair is on point—so sleek and polished. The subtle side part adds a modern touch, framing his face just right.

I love how his natural texture shines through, giving off that effortlessly chic vibe. It’s like he’s saying, “I’m here to slay, but I’m keeping it cool.”

4. Natural Brown Textured Locks

Image source

Timothée’s natural, untrimmed sides paired with that sleek brownish appearance are giving major style goals.

The brownish reflection is spot-on. Giving warm and inviting vibes. Timothée is rocking that perfect balance between casual and polished. This style is a YES to easygoing elegance and it’s a definite win in my stylist’s book!

5. The Everyday Teen Looks

Image source

In this pic, Timothée’s hair is a bit longer, giving off that regular cool teen look. It’s got a natural dryness, like he’s keeping it real with no fancy products.

This style is like what you’d see any teen rocking—it’s chill and easy. No need for extra stuff. Let’s call it “Cool Everyday Vibes” because it’s just that laid-back and cool.

6. Sunlit Messy Glow

Image Source
In this pic, Timothée is just hanging out on his bedroom floor with the sun making his hair kinda golden. His hair is messy but in a cool way, like it’s doing its own thing. It’s like he’s saying, “I’m just here, keeping it easy.” Let’s call it “Golden Sunlit Mess.”

7. Casual Library Vibe

Image source
Here Timothée’s hair is kinda longer on one side, falling over from the middle. It’s like a chill side-sweep thing going on. He’s keeping it cool in the library, and we’ll call it “Easy Bookish Flow” because it’s smart but laid-back.

8. Oscar Glam Mane

Image source

For the Oscars, Timothée’s hair is perfectly set. Each strand seems to fall in place, creating a polished and refined look. It’s like he’s bringing Hollywood glamour to a whole new level with this meticulously styled hair.

This hairstyle is all about sophistication and red carpet perfection. Let’s name it “Oscar Glam Mane” because it’s the kind of style that steals the show.

9. Natural Waves

Image source
Natural Waves let Timothee embrace the beauty of his hair. It’s like a relaxed, breezy look that gives off carefree vibes, like he just stepped off a beach somewhere.

10. Effortless Elegance

Image source
Effortless Elegance was Timothee looking polished without any fuss. It’s that sweet spot where he looked ready for anything, effortlessly blending sophistication with ease.

11. Call Me By Your Name Hairstyle

Image source Towelroad
Gentle Waves brought a soft, romantic touch to Timothee’s movie. It’s like a subtle whisper of elegance, framing his face with grace and giving off effortlessly charming vibes.

12. Beautiful Boy Haircut

Image source The News

Youthful Charm wasn’t just a hairstyle, it was a feeling. In the movie, “Beautiful Boy,” Timothée rocks a natural and curly look, I mean a lot curly and messy, giving off that carefree and boyish look. But they added a touch of playfulness to the character.

13. Lady Bird Haircut

Timothée Chalamet pictured in “Lady Bird,” as Kyle Scheible in 2017. Story.

In “Lady Bird,” Timothée Chalamet’s hairstyle is all about relaxed chic, finding that perfect balance between comfort and style. It’s not too polished and that’s what makes it perfect for the movie’s vibe—it’s like he’s effortlessly stylish without trying too hard.

14. Dune Movie Hairstyle

Image source

In “Dune,” Timothée Chalamet’s hairstyle describes desert elegance. His hair isn’t neatly styled, making it appropriate for the rugged landscapes of Arrakis. The longer length adds a practical and determined edge, mirroring the resilience of his character, Paul Atreides.

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Celebrity haircuts

Ezekiel Elliott Haircuts: A Style Gallary To The NFL Star’s Signature Looks



The curly head is handsome with a radiant smile and is a phenomenal player on the football field. Dallas Cowboy is just everyone’s favorite. He is always being highlighted for his remarkable performances. Elliott fans are always curious to know his net worth, age, and secret behind dense curly hair.

So, gear up yourself folks today you are going to dive deep into Ezekiel Elliott’s beautiful hair journey.

1. Curly Puffs


So, talking about curly hair type people who are blessed with natural curly texture know the real struggle behind it. Styling curly hair into different and modish hairstyles is just not everyone’s piece of cake.

But, Ezekiel Elliott proved everyone wrong by styling his dense, voluminous curly hairs in numerous ways, adapting the most extraordinary trendy look so effortlessly. Indeed inspiring us to not shy away and just embrace “the more, the merrier” when it comes to playing with styles. 

2. Messy Curl Drop Fade


Puffy curls in a longer length and the exclusive drop fade, have you ever seen such a great blend of styles? Surely not, because the dashy and fresh look can only be sported by the macho Dallas cowboy.

Even though there is so dense hair and spiral curl on the top crown but still the fade is still so prominent, that’s how you can strike your event.

Folks with such thick hair texture,  want to give yourself a neat and modish look at the same time then Ezekiel drop fade has got you. Just a straightforward fade cut showing skin behind the ears and back while the top is longer to create the perfect drop fade look.

3. Eze And His Iconic Afro

Managing and giving a cut to curly hair requires specialty, the only reason people with curly hair are restricted to specific styles.

But the Ezekiel Afro cut is so low-maintenance, and hassle-free that even barbers enjoy getting their hands on it. The main highlight of the style is the hair behind the ears is not completely shaved gradually the fade reaches the point.

While the top crown is shorter, the easy breeze just requires a trim twice a month. You go to look for official meetings or even for casual hangouts.

4. Ezekiel In Long Coiled Curls


As we have always seen our golden boy playing in the field, seeing him in a different attire completely dressed to the nines, gives us some heroic vibes.

When it comes to attending an official event it’s difficult to style a specific length of curly hair. But, no worries, we got your back Ezekiel’s messy coiled curls to the rescue.

You don’t need a specific haircut for the look, just a nice trim to the end, a good quality curl boost mousse to make it look more glossy and edgy, and lastly a diffuser to make it more intense.

You’ll achieve the most stylish yet bold hairstyle of all time in just five minutes.

5. Baby Afro Bun


If you have long hair be it curly, straight, or any texture. The Ezekiel afro bun should be considered in the list to style when you are tired of repeating the same hairstyles repeatedly.

Sometimes longer hair starts bothering you for no reason, and if you don’t want to lose your long hair look then making a bun is the perfect option left. Just tie up hair on the top, and, Woah! You’re done. Easy peasy and effortlessly hairstyle which looks hot and chic too.

6. Dallas Cowboy Long Hairs

Imagine you have longer-length hair, voluminous, bouncy, and that too in a curly texture. Striking it in an all-natural way with no styling or product only Ezekiel dares to do such an adventure with hairs.

Some tips to make your curly hair more defined, always comb your hair from the bottom, get a regular trim, and use a good quality mousse and a serum. And bang your naturally curly hair.

7. Braided Tie

Now, that’s such a refreshing and admirable hairstyle.

Guys, now it’s the time to step ahead further in a style game and try this stylish Ezekiel braided look. The look is pretty easy to achieve you just need to make portions depending on how many braids you want, and just start playing with your hair, one by one tie up all portions in a braid and then just see the magic.

Honestly, one of the best look and most adorable looks Ezekiel.

8. Bandanas Days Long Hairs


Styling hair with accessories is the new cool! We have seen multiple actors and players styling their longer hair with bandanas, ponytails, buns, and other hair accessories.

And frankly, it looks cool too! Want to keep a mediocre look, sick of getting your hair strands on the front just take a bandana and wrap it up.

9. Ezekiel Spiral Blondes


Ezekiel surely knows how to steal the limelight with his looks.

Spiral curls with blonde highlights make such a great blend. Want to add a pop of color to your hair Ezekiel spiral blondes are an ideal choice to take inspiration from.

10. Ezekiel’s Squared Trimmed

Elliott and his chic dimple smile just have our hearts.

The perfect trim with shorter-length hair is a great pick for a casual evening or even a business occasion. your sides show skin and a crown top needs to be sleek, style it with pomade and rock the most stylish look.

11. Natural Long Messy Hairstyle

Curly hair comes in different types of textures and types, for example, Zig zag, Deep wave, Ultra curly, coiled, tightly coiled, and many more.

Now, you guys just have to figure out what kind of texture you are blessed with and how to embrace it.

As our dearest Ezekiel is blessed with the tightly coiled curl texture and doesn’t even shrink away to let the hair fly be it on the football field or on any occasion.

So, style up your natural texture with a suitable product and rock it.

12. Dense Top With Beard Bridge

It’s very rare to Spot Elliott in short hair, though he looks super classy in shorter hair too.

Ezekiel’s full dense hair with a beard is a dapper yet dressed-to-kill look.

To recreate the look you need a taper cut with no skin shaved, and a head nicely trimmed giving a sleek texture. Style it with a mousse for the event, or let it flow naturally for a cool chic look.

13. Suited Fancy Cut

Ezekiel’s lavish look, fancy-suited with shades gives us elite vibes.

Want to achieve such a groovy and high-class look for your special occasion, A fade cut with sides slightly shaved with a Goatee beard is an ideal choice for a party.

The hairstyle is just a walkover, fade cut quite similar to Ezekiel’s short trimmed look. Apply a mousse to give a polished and shiny look.

14. Ezekiel In Casual Hairstyle

Ezekiel’s casual hairstyle is a blend of deep wave and zig-zag curl, a laid-back and easy-going hairstyle for your friend’s meetup.

The casual hairstyle of Ezekiel gives a slight spike hair look, not exactly spikes, but the top crown is all gelled with the pomade to make it eye-catching while the sides and back are well-groomed neat as a pin.


And with that, we wrap up our list! Ezekiel’s coolest, a fancy yet easy-going hairstyle which you can take inspiration from and style on different occasions. Ezekiel’s hairstyle makes one think to not shy away from flaunting your natural texture. Just wear it with confidence because curly hair doesn’t care!

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